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FINDIT.iD Gets Your Lost Items Returned Fast!

Australians Lose $1.2b worth of Property Each Year.

These items are never returned because there's no easy way to link it to the owner.... Until now.

FINDIT.iD labels link your personal items to your SMS & Email (while keeping your identity 100% private).

Using FINDIT.iD, anyone anywhere in the world can notify you about your lost item in seconds.

Dont take our word for it! Try reporting the FINDIT.iD code below to see how quick & easy it is! AA-Triple Zero-123

Report AA-000-123

We set out to solve the problem of lost property globally.

After many months of R & D.....

We innovated a simple, alpha-numerical coding technology that could be used to tag & link all your personal belongings.

When found & reported, FINDIT.iD sends a notification to your SMS & Email (& soon, your FB messenger).

Your own personal online registry. 100% FREE.

One place where everyone in the world can link & register all their personal items to a specific FINDIT.iD.

Like a car registration, FINDIT.iD's prove rightful ownership of property in case of theft or dispute. 

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Reporting by anyone, anytime, anywhere - Globally.

Every FINDIT.iD product directs the finder to to report a code.

Our intuitive app has been designed so finders can report ID's in seconds with just a few clicks.

Don't take our word for it! Try reporting the FINDIT.iD code below and see if you can beat our 30 second challenge! AA-Triple Zero-123

Report AA-000-123

Our Messaging Center keeps everyone incognito.

Our Messaging Center delivers SMS & emails back & forth, between finders & owners - anonymously.

This promotes safe and easy communication between finder & owner without fear of disclosing sensitive & personal details.

Protect your personal items and your personal information with FINDIT.iD 

It took effort, but we engineered that perfect label.

By applying a special reverse printing technique to the finest polycarbonate material & coating it with industrial grade super glue, we've engineered labels that;

- Are heatproof, waterproof & last a lifetime

- Can be applied to almost any surface.

Wanna try?

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Our Vision,

To reconnect lost property with their owners - All over the world.

  • Cheap Insurance

    From just $1 each, you can afford to tag & protect all your stuff from permanent loss.

  • Simple & Effective

    FINDIT.iD's take seconds to register & seconds to report.

  • Worldwide Protection

    FINDIT.iD's Registry & Messaging Center services work globally. 365/24/7

  • Lifetime Subscription

    Every product comes with FINDIT.iD's online services for life.

  • Confidential & Anonymous

    FINDIT.iD keeps finder & owner personal details private.

  • Lifetime Guarantee

    FINDIT.iD Labels are engineered to outlast the life cycle of most products. 

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Key FAQ's

How long will the labels last? Does it fade or peel off?

Our labels should outlast any item you use it on! 

We use the best materials & a special reverse printing technique so the text never fades or rubs off. We also use a special industrial strength glue so the labels never peel off!

What happens if I want to sell an item with my FINDIT.iD on it? Is the iD transferrable?

Yes, the iD's are 100% transferable. Simply go to to access your account to edit or delete a FINDIT.iD.

Once the iD is deleted from your account, another account can register it.

More FAQ's

For all of our FAQ's please see our dedicated FAQ page -