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38,000 Australian Passports are lost every year

Did you know that Approximately 38,000 Australian Passports go missing every year?

That's about 100 Aussies everyday, going through this traumatic experience.

In the UK, 20,000 people experience this terrible ordeal & in the United States, over 250,000 passports are lost and never returned to their rightful owners each year.

Losing your passport on holidays is a travellers worst nightmare.

You could imagine the the horrors it would cause. Plane tickets are cancelled, holidaymakers get stranded overseas… everyone loses precious time and money - not to mention the suffering and stress of such a situation.

To replace a lost passport in Australia costs, $175 If you lose your passport overseas, it will cost you an extra: $175 for an emergency passport ($103 overseas surcharge - Adult $52 Overseas Surcharge - Child.

Then to rub salt into the wound, it will still cost you another $175 to replace the lost passport once you are back in Australia. Not to mention the wasted hours needlessly running around doing paperwork & administration.

We created FINDIT.iD labels to provide the solution to this problem. FINDIT.iD labels help the thousands of people who lose their passports every year get their lost passports back quickly, securely and & efficiently.

If you're travelling or are about to travel, buy yourself some piece of mind insurance and tag your passport/s along with all your other valuables today.

Have you got a "lost it" story you want to share? Tell us your story below for a free 3 pack of labels on the house! :) 


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