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With IMEI blocking - A Found or stolen phone is now worthless

Ready for an amazing fact? Every 6 minutes in Australia, A phone is lost or stolen.

That’s right. Every year, more than 100,000 mobile phones are reported as missing (& that's only the ones that are reported). This equates to 1 phone lost every 6 minutes!*

*Australian Mobile Telecommunications Association  

For many people, there is nothing worse than losing their mobile phone. Just imagine the inconvenience, the irreplaceable loss of personal photos and videos and the frustration in realising you haven’t backed up any of those important contact details! But lose them we do. And lots of them.

According to research in the USA, who has based their results on the analysis of over 15 million users, the average US consumer will lose their handset about once a year. That’s around $30 billion worth of mobile phones each year!

In Australia, lost or stolen mobile phones are now becoming worthless. Once they’re reported missing by their owners, the phones will be IMEI number blocked, rendering them useless across all digital networks in the country.

FINDIT.iD labels will assist in getting your phone returned to you, should you ever lose it.

Have you got a "lost it" story you want to share? Tell us your story below for a free sample pack of labels on the house! :)


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