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The FINDIT.iD Story - An Aussie Startup tackling the problem of lost property globally.

It was just another ordinary Saturday morning, a couple of sports loving dads sitting at a basketball stadium, cheering their kids on as they played.

They noticed that many of the children had similar balls, identical in size and colour. And when the balls became mixed, it was almost impossible to tell them apart.

They wondered “why don’t parents write their personal details on the balls like people used to in the old days”?

After asking around, we found out that -  today, in the world of identity theft paranoia & digital stalking, most people value their privacy too much to write their personal details on their stuff for the whole world to see.

This was a bit of a light bulb moment for us!

The problem solving part of our brains went into overdrive. The ideas quickly flowed & the vision of our start up grew from there.

We thought - "what if we could create a way for people to tag ownership of their belongings while still protecting their privacy?"

"How could we best address the the problem of lost property & getting lost items returned?"

"What if we made it so anything (even the smallest of items) could be tagged?"

"What if we could help solve the problem of lost property everywhere, all over the world?"

At this point, the dream of FINDIT.iD was born. Our vision was to create a complete lost property eco system. An eco system that would ignite a lost property social movement of awesome humans helping other fellow humans find their lost property.

A world where people help other people!

In the spirit of John Lennon's famous song "Imagine" - We know we are dreamers, but we're not the only ones. 

Along the way, the idea developed and changed. The concept of personal identification labels was replaced with affixing a unique identification code, and new categories of products such as labels, key rings and data only products evolved.


Imagine a simple tagging technology that can link your personal belongings to you. Now, imagine if this tagging technology could reconnect you with your lost valuables - if found & reported anywhere in the world.

Welcome to FINDIT.iD. Just as you can register your car, FINDIT.iD is a fresh new way to register ownership on ALL your valuables on a secure, global online database.

The tagging technology is flexible and can be applied to most consumer goods.

The most popular applications are Passports, Phone Cases, Keys, Wallets, Tablets, Laptops, Cameras, Power tools, Pet tags, Handbags, Suitcases, Backpacks, Travel luggage, golf clubs, etc.

We like to think that the FINDIT.iD technology is the next evolution in Lost and Found!

Every FINDIT.ID product comes with free lifetime subscription to the secure, global online iD database. So even if you lose your tagged item years from now, you’ll still have your valuables returned to you if they are found and reported through our database.

We are a socially responsible company with a dream of spreading good will all over the world by promoting and facilitating a quick, simple and secure way for people who find lost items to contact owners who lose their valuables.

By purchasing a FINDIT.iD product, you are helping us promote & support the work of A21 to find people lost in human trafficking & slavery. 

Fore more info on their great work, go to


Join the lost property social movement & lets eradicate lost property together!

Have you got a "lost it" story you want to share? Tell us your story below for a free 3 pack of labels on the house! :) 


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