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What is FINDIT.ID?

FINDIT.ID is a Unique Coding System which assists with returning lost items back to you the rightful owner.

How does FINDIT.ID work?

Once you have registered the FINDIT.ID code attached to your item, the FINDIT.ID system recognises that this item and the unique code belong to you. Anyone else trying to register this unique code will not be able to (until you delete the code from your account). 

If you lose the item, and a finder locates the item with the unique code the process is simple. The finder goes to and clicks on the “Found an item” link, they then enter the FINDIT.ID code along with a message to help you to be reunited with your lost item. The FINDIT.ID system will forward the message to you and then you can securely send messages back and forward (without yours or the finder’s details being revealed, unless you choose) so that you can arrange to retrieve the item back from the person who has found your item.

What is a FINDIT.ID Code?

A FINDIT.ID code is a unique combination of letters and numbers, like AA-123-456. This system is not only available in the form of a label or tag but may also be affixed on various products in retail stores which carry our branding. 
Our worldwide Pending Patent is the first of its kind.

What can I use my FINDIT.ID Code on?

Anything! If you have purchased a product with a code already affixed, such as printed onto a piece of sporting equipment, then you will register that item with its unique FINDIT.ID code. However, if you have purchased a label, keyring or other product which can be attached to an item you are only limited by your imagination. For example: mobile phone, laptop, luggage, iPad, musical instrument or USB key.

You have to make sure that wherever you decide to attach the unique code to the item, you place it where the adhesive will best stick (if it is a label) and it is clearly visible for anyone that finds your item. Make sure you clean the surface if you are attaching a label with a unique code. As the adhesive is strong you have to make sure you place the label in the correct place because once attached it is very hard to remove.

Will my FINDIT.ID Code work worldwide?

Absolutely. FINDIT.ID is a worldwide company that allows finders and owners to communicate thought a safe secure system.

Will my personal details be given to the person who finds my item?

NO. Finders are not provided with your personal details unless you decide to reveal them in a message sent through the message centre. They have no access to the information you input when you register your item.

Will my personal details be given to the person whose item I have found?

NO. As a finder your personal details are not provided to the owner of the item unless you decide to reveal them in a message sent through the message centre.

How can I retrieve my item from the person who found it?

You will be notified via email and/or by SMS message that your item has been found. Once you have received the message you can liaise with the finder via the FINDIT.ID System message centre. You can use your normal email to communicate in a safe and secure matter without the finder finding out what your email address is or your mobile number (unless you put it in a message).

The finder will only get information that you want the finder to know.

You can work out the most efficient and safe matter to collect your item. For example: face to face in a safe environment (Police Station or public meeting place), or by asking the finder to leave your item at a safe location from which you can retrieve your item using your FINDIT.ID Code.

What is a personal profile?

Your personal profile is created when you register for the first time on the FINDIT.ID website. This will contain your personal information which allows us to track the items you have registered.

What happens if my FINDIT.ID sticker comes off?

If you have a FINDIT.ID label affixed to an item and which comes off the item you have stuck it on, please email us a picture with an explanation of how it happened. You can contact us here. If we can see that this has occurred due to a manufacturing fault we will replace the label with a new FINDIT.ID Code at no charge. We will also deregister your current FINDIT.ID Code. You will then need to register your item with your new FINDIT.ID Code.

Is there an annual subscription fee?


There is no annual subscription fee. This is a service which is free of charge for item owners once you have purchased your FINDIT.ID product. There are no charges for item finders.

What happens if I am having problems activating my unique FINDIT.ID Code?

If you have trouble activating your unique code, please email your issue together with a picture of your product and we will work with you to resolve the issue. You can contact us here.

What does it cost to get my item back?

Costs will only apply if you and the item finder agree to incur costs in the process of returning the item. For example, you may agree to shipping costs. This is for you to identify and agree with the item finder, and FINDIT.ID takes no part in such negotiations or agreements.

Rewards to find items are not required. If you offer one, that is your responsibility. FINDIT.ID does not take any responsibility for item finders not being paid for rewards offered by item owners.

How long does it take to receive my purchased FINDIT.ID products?

Once you place your order for FINDIT.ID products through the FINDIT.ID Website, your order should be shipped within 5 business days via Australia Post ground mail. For International orders allow 14-21 business days.

What if my label breaks or fades?

FINDIT.ID is committed in providing you with the best quality service.

All FINDIT.ID products which have been purchased from our Website come with a 12 month warranty. If your product cracks, fades or breaks within 12 months please send us a message through the customer feedback section of the FINDIT.ID website and send us a picture of your damaged product as proof (you can contact us here). If it is clear that this is a manufacturing fault we will send you a free replacement. Please note the FINDIT.ID code on your item ID will be deactivated from our system once you request a replacement product and you will need to register your item with its new FINDIT.ID Code.

This does not extend to items already affixed with the branding (e.g. a basketball or football). In this circumstance you will need to take the item back to the outlet from which you purchased your item, so they can get in contact with the manufacturer of that particular item.

Why should I buy a product with the FINDIT.ID?

  • It works: In Australia, studies show that over 75% of people are honest and when they find an item they will try to return the item back to its rightful owner.

  • Simple and effective: FINDIT.ID makes it easy for finders to contact you and for you to exchange messages so that you can arrange the return of your lost item.

  • Protects Your Investment: FINDIT.ID helps reduce the risk of permanently losing your valuable items.

  • Confidential: Item owner details are not shared with item finders, nor are item finder details shared with item owners, except for whatever you choose. This protects your privacy.

  • Productive: Avoid any productivity loss caused by losing your items. Save the time you would have lost having to update your lost contacts from your mobile phone or your lost cards from your wallet.

  • Worldwide Protection: FINDIT.ID services are global.

  • Theft Deterrent: Statistics show that if an item has some form of affixed identification it is less likely to be stolen. Our unique ID codes allow law enforcement agencies to identify you as the rightful owner of your stolen item.