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100 x FINDIT.iD Strip Labels - 100 Pack

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FINDIT.iD labels coupled with our global online database enables organisations to register their assets to specific employees without the high costs involved in a full-featured asset tracking system.

The asset labels can be used to create an internal asset register for your organisation & of course our tagging technology can also help get your lost property back to you if they are found & reported.

Our mini strip labels are only 4.5mm tall x 28mm wide & can be applied to the smallest of consumer goods (they were designed to fit on the arms of eyeglasses after all!

Black, White, Red & Grey .

IF FOUND Report at

Mobile phones, glasses, key fobs, USB Sticks, Fit fits / sports watches, airpod cases, ear / head phones, pet collars, pens, , small items & portable devices.

4.5mm x 28 mm wide (0.17 inches x 1.1 inches).

0.175mm Polycarbonate with reverse printing (printed from the rear). Permanent, industrial grade, high strength, scratch proof, fade proof, heat proof & waterproof. 

Permanent, industrial grade, high strength, waterproof (3M 9472). Immersion in water has no appreciable effect on the bond strength. Not adversely affected by exposure to UV. Suitable for short periods up to 121°C (250°F) and intermittent longer periods up to 66°C (150°F).