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1 x FINDIT.iD Premium Key Chain

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There's nothing worse and no faster way to ruin your day than to realise you've lost your car keys in a public place.

Just imagine the stress this causes & the time that’s wasted frantically searching around for your keys. With most modern cars using remote-unlocking technology, this means replacing the entire electronic key fob.

According to Australian consumer advocates - Choice. The average cost of replacing modern car keys stretches from $267 to $800, depending on the brand, and whether your key unlocks your car at the push of a button (cheaper) or your car unlocks automatically when you get close to it (considerably more expensive). And remember, that's to create a new key using your spare as a clone. If you have lost both keys, the quotes jumped from $1,800 to more than $5,000 to get a new set made. Ouch!

A FINDIT.ID keychain will cost you $19.95 for a lifetime of protection. It’s the cheapest form of insurance you can buy & it's a definitely a lot cheaper than paying for a replacement key.


------------------ ABOUT US Imagine a simple tagging technology that can link your personal belongings to you. Now, imagine if this tagging technology could reconnect you with your lost valuables - if found anywhere in the world. Welcome to FINDIT.ID. Just as you can register your car, FINDIT.ID is a fresh new way to register ownership on ALL your valuables on a secure, global online database. The tagging technology is flexible and can be applied to most consumer goods. The most popular applications are Passports, Phone Cases, Keys, Wallets, Tablets, Laptops, Cameras, Power tools, Pet tags, Handbags, Suitcases, Backpacks, Travel luggage, golf clubs, etc. The FINDIT.ID technology is the next evolution in Lost and Found! Every FINDIT.ID product comes with free lifetime subscription to the secure, global online Findit.ID database. So even if you lose your tagged item years from now, you’ll still have your valuables returned to you if they are found and reported through our database FINDIT.ID facilitates a safe, efficient and easy way to return lost goods: directly from the finders back to the owners through the FINDIT.ID message centre. The Findit.ID patent was submitted on May 4 2015 in Australia. A patent has also been filed in the US. We are a socially responsible company with a dream of spreading good karma all over the world by promoting and facilitating a quick, simple and secure way for people who find lost items to help owners who lose their valuables.